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  Natural products to create a natural environment for you.  

Let's Get Back to Nature
with Brushwood Fencing

Westline Brushwood Fencing, Perth, W.A.

Brushwood is the perfect choice for windy locations. Acting as a windbreak it has enough "give" to stop it from
being blown over.
The high salt content and density of the Melaleuca makes it fire resistant. Safe enough to be used over a barbeque area.
We also make Gates:
Driveway and Self Closing Pool Gates.

Knowledge + Experience + Quality
The roll top capping is harvested with all the relevant permits needed as set out by the Department of Conservation and Land Management (C.A.L.M) which is carried out in professional way to minimise the impact on the environment and maximise sustainable growth. We also work closely with Steve Mant from Total Fencing Supplies who uses the same High Quality fencing panels as
Westline Brushwood Fencing.
Take time out to compare the quality
Westline Brushwood Fencing carries out all work so you get the best professional construction possible. We discuss design concepts with you and formulate a style for your property.

Use our Contact Webmail Form and let us know what you want to do. We can help plan a successful project and add value to your property.
Mb: 0415 902 540 - Phone / Fax: 08 9439 3446 - Email

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